rTMS effective for Substance Induced Cravings

Randy I. Pardell MD in colloboration with Robert Moran MD of The Family Center for Recovery presented their results at the U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress in San Antonio, Texas in October, 2016.  They found that 5 daily treatments of rTMS  using high frequency 10 Hz rTMS over left DLPFC significantly reduced craving in substance dependent individuals. On Secondary measure, a significant minority of patients experienced response and remission of depressive symptoms. These results highlight the potential of non-invasive neuromodulation as a therapeutic tool for addiction and co-existing depression.



Dr. Wilson goes to Washington D.C.

Kenneth WilsKen_Wilson_Portraiton MD DFAPA is a Past President and Assembly Representative for the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society.  For many years he has also been an active particpant at the New York State Psychiatric Association meetings representing our District Branch. On November 5-6, 2016, Dr. Wilson attended the National Assembly Meeting of the American Psychiatric Society. We are very proud of Dr. Wilson apa-new-whiteand his strong commitment to Public Psychiatry. 

Hudson Valley Magazine Top Doctors 2016


Fall Educational Seminar October 15, 2016 for Behavioral and Medical Healthcare Clinicians


Alexandra Linardakis RN, BCN has joined Riverview’s Clinical Team Providing Neurofeedback, Brain Mapping and TMS

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Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC is pleased to announce their collaboration with Alexandra Linardakis, RN, BCN. Alexandra is board certified in neurofeedback and does assessments that allow the use of normative neuro-cogntive and behavioral assessments as well as qEEG brain-maps. These assessments allow for a different perspective of a person’s symptoms or difficulty reaching their goals. Treatment plans based on these new assessments are designed specific to the individual and may include a series of neurotherapy and braintraining sessions. This model may also be an effective way to enhance positive effects after a series of TMS treatments. Along with a patient’s history, symptoms, and genetic testing, the EEG is being used by psychiatrists to assist in choosing medications and other relevant treatment. We are pleased to announce our Open House on October 15th, 2016 @ 10 am for you to be able to learn more about what is new at Riverview Psychiatric Medicine.

Dr. Pardell Lectured at Vassar College


Randy Pardell                Vassar LogoOn March 4 , 2016 Dr. Pardell had the privilege to lecture at Vassar College to students in the Science and Technology Program. Dr. Pardell  was invited by Robert McAulay Ph.D. to conduct lectures on current issues in Psychiatry to his classes.  Dr. Pardell engaged the students  on the changes in Psychiatry over the past 30 years and what the future holds for individualizing treatment with genetic testing and to potential for more personalized and functional diagnoses and treatment of patients suffering from mental illnesses.  Dr. Pardell also discussed the role of Industry and its impact on Psychiatry and general medical care.    

Dr. Pardell completed Master Psychopharmacology Program

Dr.  Pardell recently completed the Master Psychopharmacology Program Re-certification offered through Neuroscience Education Institute. This certification represents an extensive year long program and provides participants with the latest research and updates in clinical psychiatric practice.Master Psychopharmacology Program Certificate

Dr. Pardell has been recognized as a Featured Provider on the Wellness website

Featured Provider WellnessRandy-Pardell4x5WEB1122-240x300Randy I. Pardell has been recognized as a Featured Provider on the Wellness website.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful existence.

Wellness – [noun] the state of being healthy.


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Wellness involves the awareness of our current state of health in multiple dimensions with the initiative, tools and support to make lasting changes towards a more optimal life.

Kenneth Wilson MD DFAPA has completed Neuronetics Certification and now is providing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC and the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley welcomes Kenneth Wilson MD DFAPA as a Neuronetics TMS Certified Psychiatrist.  Dr. Wilson joins Dr. Pardell as the only TMS providers in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Dr. Wilson is an approved provider for a number of insurance companies and will be able to provide in-network services to our patients.  Contact our TMS Coordinator Darcy Knapper 845-471-1807 about specific insurance policies and prior authorization requirements.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an innovative, non-drug treatment for difficult to treat clinical depression. Over 72% of our patients are responding to TMS and over 57% are completely in remission of symptoms at the end of treatment.  Interested patients can schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Pardell with the next sessions occurring on December 4, 2015.

TMS Clinical Society White Paper

TMS Clinical SocietyAt Riverview Psychiatric Medicine and the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley we are excited to share with you the latest practice guidelines established by the TMS Clinical Society. Click on the following link to learn about advances in TMS therapy for Major Depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders.