What is a TMS Treatment Like?

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TMS Therapy at the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley

During treatment, you can relax in the treatment chair. Our private suite offers a relaxing environment to listen to music, watch your favorite show or movie. Your TMS Therapy treatment session will be a short outpatient procedure that lasts about 37 minutes. You can also speak with the TMS Coordinator whenever necessary. One of the benefits of TMS is that you can return to your normal routine, including driving.

Your first treatment session

Dr. Pardell will determine how to most effectively administer TMS treatments. He will perform a test to identify you’re the treatment strength needed, called a motor threshold. This test identifies the magnetic field strength that will be used in your treatment. This field strength is customized for each patient to deliver the correct treatment dose.

After this initial procedure, Dr. Pardell doctor will determine the specific location of where the TMS treatment will be applied and the treatment coil will be moved to that location. He will strive for the optimal treatment. This approach has resulted in our strong Clinical and Safety experience.

Our TMS coordinator will then administer TMS Therapy® over a 37-minute period. In 30-second intervals, the device will deliver rapid “pulses” of the magnetic field. This will feel like tapping on your scalp. Most patients find the sensation “different” and some find it uncomfortable in the first few treatments. We are experienced in making TMS Therapy comfortable, Safe and Effective.


After TMS Therapy

Immediately following each treatment session, you may return to your normal daily routine, including driving. During or after treatment you may experience headache or discomfort at the site of stimulation. These are common and lessen as further treatment sessions are administered.