Dr. Pardell has been recognized as a Featured Provider on the Wellness website

Featured Provider WellnessRandy-Pardell4x5WEB1122-240x300Randy I. Pardell has been recognized as a Featured Provider on the Wellness website.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful existence.

Wellness – [noun] the state of being healthy.


Wellness Dimensions
Wellness involves the awareness of our current state of health in multiple dimensions with the initiative, tools and support to make lasting changes towards a more optimal life.

Kenneth Wilson MD DFAPA has completed Neuronetics Certification and now is providing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC and the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley welcomes Kenneth Wilson MD DFAPA as a Neuronetics TMS Certified Psychiatrist.  Dr. Wilson joins Dr. Pardell as the only TMS providers in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Dr. Wilson is an approved provider for a number of insurance companies and will be able to provide in-network services to our patients.  Contact our TMS Coordinator Darcy Knapper 845-471-1807 about specific insurance policies and prior authorization requirements.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an innovative, non-drug treatment for difficult to treat clinical depression. Over 72% of our patients are responding to TMS and over 57% are completely in remission of symptoms at the end of treatment.  Interested patients can schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Pardell with the next sessions occurring on December 4, 2015.

TMS Clinical Society White Paper

TMS Clinical SocietyAt Riverview Psychiatric Medicine and the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley we are excited to share with you the latest practice guidelines established by the TMS Clinical Society. Click on the following link to learn about advances in TMS therapy for Major Depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders.


Riverview Psychiatric Medicine Top Doctors 2015 Hudson Valley Magazine

Riverview HV Magazine 2015

Riverview’s Telepsychiatry Program

VTC pic

Riverview Psychiatric Medicine PC is now offering an innovative HIPAA and HITECH compliant web-based telespychiatry program through Virtual Therapy Connect.  Dr. Pardell has initiated a pilot program for his patients to assess its utility in our practice and if well-accepted it will be offered for other practitioners in our office. Many times patients are not able to attend their sessions in person because of scheduling conflicts, difficulty with transportation, and unexpected illnesses.  Telepsychiatry has been obtaining growing acceptance in the US especially in providing care in under served regions.  In a recent article in Current Psychiatry the author’s conclusion states:

The exchange of medical information from 1 site to another by means of electronic communication has great potential to improve the health of patients and to alleviate the shortage of psychiatric practitioners across regions and settings.

VTC logo

Dr. Pardell offers a telepsychiatry option for his patients through Virtual Therapy Connect (VTC) which is a secure, confidential website that provides state of the art videoconferencing.  Patients will be able to attend sessions in the comfort of their own homes if they have access to a webcam with a mic and/or headset, computer, tablet, or smart phone and internet connection. Because Dr. Pardell is a national speaker and thought leader he is often asked to give lectures and teach away from the local region. Dr. Pardell will be able to hold video sessions with VTC and help continue the care he provides with in person sessions when he is away from the office.  

Click on the link below to see an instructional video about Virtual Therapy Connect.

VTC app


How do I Start?

Our staff is trained in assisting our patients in setting up and starting VTC.  We will show you on our computers or help walk you through it on the telephone with your computers at home to establish a VTC account and setting up your telepsychiatry appointment.  The following website can instruct you on how to set up your application and prepare for your appointment.  

Just click on this web link below or copy the following weblink: https://virtualtherapyconnect.com/getting-started2  and  place it on your browser to learn about our new VTC telepsychiatry program.



Register with Virtual Therapy Connect.


Registration is quick and requires no credit card information! Just fill out this quick form to create a free user account. Following registration, you will be able to log into our site. Please note, the information you provide is completely confidential and will only be shared with a practitioner when you initiate a request to connect.Reach out and connect!

  • Reach out and connect!

    If you are an existing patient of one of VTC member therapists, connecting is easy. Browse to their name under “Find a Therapist,” click on their full profile, and then click at the top of the page “Request to Connect with Your Therapist.”

    Arrange an Appointment

    Arriving for your appointment is easy; just log into your free Virtual Therapy Connect account to access your practitioner’s private Virtual Office where you will be able to simply click a button to enter your therapist’s waiting room when it is time for your on-line appointment. Your therapist will meet you in the waiting room when they are ready to connect for the scheduled session. It is so easy!


    Payment for services will be through credit or debit card at time of session. Our Office Manager, Rosanna Rauch can discuss the billing and payment options for our telepsychiatry session. Don’t hesitate to ask our administrative staff about the telepsychiatry program!

Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC July 3, 2015 Holiday Schedule

Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC will be closed on July 3, 2015 in commemoration of Independence Day. The office will reopen on Monday July 6, 2015 at 8:30 AM.  During the holiday weekend in the event of an emergency a covering clinician can be reached at 845-431-6625.

Dr. Pardell attended CCNY Visiting Fellowship in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

CCNY logo

Randy Pardell

Dr. Pardell attended the Visiting Fellowship at CCNY in June, 2015.  He had the opportunity to learn from the international leaders in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy including Simone Rossi MD, John Rothwell MD, and Angelo Quatarone MD.

tms-graphicThe Course was lead by Antonio Montavani MD and was an in-depth, hands on learning experience.  Dr. Pardell is pleased to bring back to the TMS Center of the Hudson Valley the international expertise he received at the visiting fellowship. Monthly Complimentary TMS Consultations are offered at our practice and the next one is scheduled for July 10, 2015 from 4-6 PM.                                                                                 Call Darcy Knapper our TMS Coordinator at 845-471-1807 or email at info@riverviewpsychiatric.com to schedule your consultation.CCNY TMS Fellowship 6-15 picture


Patient Fusion. Give us your email and phone number and join our Patient Portal!


Patient Fusion is our electronic health record (EHR) Patient Portal.  Practice Fusion is the country’s #1 web based EHR and Riverview Psychiatric Medicine has been using Practice Fusion for the past 2 years.  All you need to do to enroll in the patient portal is to give us your email and cell phone number.  When your information is entered by our staff you will automatically be invited to join Patient Fusion through email contact. Follow the directions provided in the email and establish a user name, password and answer a security question and then you are enrolled.  patientfusion online bookingThe patient portal will allow you to access important aspects of your medical record including medications prescribed by our psychiatric providers,  diagnoses, laboratory results from our partners Labcorp and Quest. The portal will allow you to make appointments, send secure messages to our staff and leave reviews and comments about the care you received. Patient Fusion Dr. Pardell So please provide us your email and cellphone number when you call us or check in for your appointment.  Once you join the portal, Patient Fusion will send you email and text reminders about your upcoming appointment so you won’t forget your next scheduled appointment at Riverview. Our administrative staff will also be asking you to allow us to take a webcam picture so we can download it to your chart so that in the future our staff will be able to identify you when you come for your next appointment. Optimized-IPad_768 We will also be transitioning to e-prescribing for controlled substances so that these prescriptions will not need to be picked up at the office but will be able to be directly sent to your pharmacy as is prescribed by New York State law as of next year.  If you have any questions about access to the Patient Fusion portal don’t hesitate to ask our administrative staff for assistance in enrolling.

The View April 2015

The View is our Mental Health Community Newsletter.  Click the link below to learn about Practice Fusion and Patient Fusion our electronic health record and patient portal.  In this issue we introduce you to Dr. Kenneth Wilson  who has joined our clinical staff. Also you have a chance to meet our administrative staff.

The View April 2015 update

Dr. Pardell Lectured at Rockland Community College October 22, 2014

Forum Pictures 10-23-14 RP lecturnDr. Pardell lectured on Wednesday  October 22, 2014 at Rockland Community College Performing Arts Center

Living Life with Schizophrenia
Wednesday  October 22, 2014
A presentation and discussion for family members, educators, students, professionals and those whose lives have been impacted by mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Over 400 attendees participated. Dr. Pardell lectured on the history, diagnosis, and current treatment of Schizophrenia.  Bill McPhee shared his own experience of his recovery from Schizophrenia. He established SZ Magazine, and authored his book on recovery: To Cry A Dry Tear.


Dr. Pardell, Lois Kroplick MD Founder of the Coalition, and Bill McPhee are pictured.  Aviary Photo_130612309769694696


Sponsored by The Mental Health Coalition of Rockland County With NAMI-FAMILIA of Rockland County Rockland County Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Rockland County Department of Mental Health Rockland Community College Student Development Center.

Dr. Pardell with Bill McPhee, Dr. Kroplick and Forum organizers