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NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy (TMS) is a biologically-based, non-invasive, medication-free stimulation treatment provided in our outpatient center. It is an innovative treatment in the field of psychiatry which traditionally has relied upon medication and talk therapy.

Depression is a Brain Disease associated with electrical and chemical imbalances.  As seen in this PET scan the depressed brain shows low activity (blue).  tms PET Scan

TMS stimulates and activates the areas of the brain that are not functioning well (blue) and wakes them up (yellow and red). Below shows the magnetic fields directly activating neurons and stimulating firing.

277956-neurostar-tms-therapy stimulating neurons

TMS specifically focuses its magnetic fields on the areas of the brain associated with depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions.  It is a direct treatment to the brain (Left Prefrontal Cortex) utilizing an MRI strength magnetic field.NeuroStar-MOA-Illustration

Because TMS provides a direct treatment to the brain, TMS does not have the side effects associated with medication and  does not cause memory impairment that can occur with electroconvulsive treatment.


TMS is affordable and over 300 million people in the US are covered by health insurance that reimburses TMS.

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