Dr. Pardell Lectured at Rockland Community College October 22, 2014

Forum Pictures 10-23-14 RP lecturnDr. Pardell lectured on Wednesday  October 22, 2014 at Rockland Community College Performing Arts Center

Living Life with Schizophrenia
Wednesday  October 22, 2014
A presentation and discussion for family members, educators, students, professionals and those whose lives have been impacted by mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Over 400 attendees participated. Dr. Pardell lectured on the history, diagnosis, and current treatment of Schizophrenia.  Bill McPhee shared his own experience of his recovery from Schizophrenia. He established SZ Magazine, and authored his book on recovery: To Cry A Dry Tear.


Dr. Pardell, Lois Kroplick MD Founder of the Coalition, and Bill McPhee are pictured.  Aviary Photo_130612309769694696


Sponsored by The Mental Health Coalition of Rockland County With NAMI-FAMILIA of Rockland County Rockland County Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Rockland County Department of Mental Health Rockland Community College Student Development Center.

Dr. Pardell with Bill McPhee, Dr. Kroplick and Forum organizers